About Punk Science

It is time to rock the foundations of science!

Probably the best book out there in its genre. Regina Meredith, Conscious Media Network

Winner of Odyssey Magazine’s Editor’ Choice Award

Winner of Planet Lightworker Seal of Excellence Award

Sahar Huneidi’s Book of the Year 2007 for Psychic Sahar Magazine

Jayney Goddard of the Complementary Medical Association’s top recommended book of all time.

Since Punk Science has stormed the planet it has inspired and challenged many around the globe. From Punk Science dinner parties in Australia to young people choosing to studying physics, to the writing of poetry to a call to arms to remove it from the shelves, this book inspires many different reactions from love to hate. One thing you can’t do is ignore it.

Punk Science unleashes a new vision of science onto the world. It starts by linking cutting edge science, such as quantum physics and string theory, to esoteric ideas by asking what happens if we place consciousness at the heart of universe. It then explores the effect of this idea on biology and evolution.

The next part of the book reveals the author’s unique vision of the cosmos that places black holes at the centre of a continually creative cosmos. Using references from the worlds of cosmology and astrophysics, the proof for this keeps building. The evidence from astrophysics is here - and in fact since the publication of Punk Science, scientists have conceded that many of its conclusions are in fact correct. It is time to rock the foundations of science!

Some of the concepts in the book


Where has all the antimatter gone? According to cosmologists, during the birth of the universe a huge battle ensued between particles of matter that make up the objects we see around us, and particles of antimatter, the mirror image or nemesis of matter. Antimatter was annihilated and that is why we don't see much of it in our world. But why did matter win the day? This is what cosmologists cannot answer. 

Punk Science provides a radical new answer for this question by describing a universe in which antimatter still exists in perfect co-existence with matter; it is just hidden from view. Furthermore, it presents research that suggests that the antimatter region of the universe was known by ancient cultures and described in texts such as the Tao Te Ching. Punk Science suggests how we can enter this mirror world and rediscover these mysterious regions of antimatter.


Faster than light speed

Nothing travels faster than the speed of light - right? Find out why this sacrosanct law of physics is being questioned by rebel physicists and why this could provide the answer or dark matter, dark energy and more. Punk Science rewrites the laws of the universe placing consciousness at the heart of the cosmos. Find out how you can travel past the Perception Horizon, discovering higher dimensions, black holes and beyond.

Black holes

Black holes are the known as the great guzzlers of the cosmos - get too close to one and you will be sucked in for eternity with no escape. However, recent observations in astrophysics suggest a very different picture. Black holes have been spotted at the centre of every galaxy and also appear to be spewing out material not sucking it in. What is going on? Punk Science explores the evidence for black holes being a creative force in the universe, synthesizing knowledge from luminaries such as Stephen Hawking and from the field of consciousness physics into the new Black Hole Principle. This is a radical description of the universe that changes our view of the universe around, even bringing Big Bang theory into question.


We have been to the moon, we have cloned sheep, but we don't know how we are able to think up the shopping list. We don't really know what a thought is! What is consciousness? Where does it truly originate from? How are we capable of creating virtual realities and memories with our minds from the firing of neurons in our brains?

Punk Science looks beyond the brain and into quantum physics for its search for the true nature of consciousness. It explores the logical conclusion made by some physicists that consciousness, so long ignored by science, lies at the very heart of the universe and is fundamental to shaping it. Punk Science asks: are we inside the mind of God?


We speak of the real world, but what is the real world? With quantum physics telling us that our world is not solid, but a sea of information popping in and out of existence, what can we really be sure about our reality? In fact, many physicists are claiming that our universe would make more sense if it consisted of many hidden dimensions, which bodes the question: which is the ultimate reality?

In Punk Science, we combine the findings of String theorists with that of the physics of consciousness to explore the possibilities that this opens up. Do we live in a universe of many dimensions of consciousness? If so, are we able to access other dimensions with our minds? Is this the scientific mechanism behind the many well documented cases of psychic phenomena? Punk Science enters the world of hyperspace exploring ghosts, mediums, vibrational healing, alien encounters and much more.